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Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  BFK
The Barracuda Filet Knife mixes elegant distinction with supreme cutting power, making it a showpiece for your next fishing or hunting trip.  The attractive rosewood handle tailors down to a 7" blade which produces ...
Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  BHK
Slender and stylish, the Blackhawk Pocket Knife is an easy-to-carry item with a 3.25" fold-out blade and contoured handle for maximum grip.  Its sleek ebony exterior if flanked by steel highlights, adding to its ...
Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  GKF
The Guardian Tactical Knife mixes edge, bold style with full-featured functionality to create a true survivalist product.  The 3.5" spring-loaded, thumb action blade includes serrated and straight edges for all your cutting needs, while ...
Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  CFMT Ebony
For the ultimate in strength, rock-solid durability and versatility, look no further than the Crossfire Multi-Tool.  This beautifully designed product features two separate arms, each packed with a staggering array of tools for any ...
Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  BRM
The Buccaneer Multi-Tool is handy for any application.  Its steel chassis and wood inlay makes for an attractive item which houses a multitude of convenient tools, which are always ready for immediate use.  In ...
Brand:  Belzig
Product Code:  BPK
Simple and stylish, the Black Pearl Knife features a fold out 2.75" blade with a half-serrated edge, allowing for two cutting functions within a single knife.  Its rich ebony finish is flanked by a ...