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Brand:  Shinsei Knives
Product Code:  CKS
Shinsei ceramic knives are one of the newest types of knives on the market. They are made out of very hard ceramic called zirconium dioxide. These knives have numerous advantages of other types of ...
Brand:  Shinsei Knives
Product Code:  SSKS
 The Shinsei Steak Knife set includes 4 precision stainless steel knives with a serrated edge. These knives are perfect for outdoor barbeques or lavish dinners. The strong blade follows through the attractive wood handle ...
Brand:  Shinsei Knives
Product Code:  SCS
 This Shinsei Carving Set is a perfect kitchen companion for holiday and family dinners, featuring a large carving knife with a beautiful stainless steel 7.5" blade, and an accompanying serving fork to hold food ...