Aqua Marina PIONEER Inflatable Sail Boat

Brand:  Aqua Marina
Product Code:  OP-277
Availability:  In Stock

Stable and smart design: Features a multi-purpose sailing dinghy. The classic boat shape and aluminum deck provide excellent stability.

Performance: Allows for maximum acceleration to reach speed in 3 to 4 force winds depending on carried load.

Transport and storage: The Pioneer inflatable sailing dinghy can be assembled or packed down into two bags in less than 20 minutes.


Key Features:

  • V-shape keel hull design makes the dinghy rigid and stable when inflated.
  • Marine grade reinforced PVC fabric
  • Oarlock design, tow and lift eyes included.
  • Long saber-shaped center thwart/daggerboard, makes the boat behave like a traditional dinghy, but also gives excellent upwind and downwind sailing ability
  • Kick-up Rudder: Made of aluminum, foldable and durable quality 


Boat Specs Details

  • Dimensions: 109" x 59" (277 x 150cm)
  • Net Weight: 112 lbs (51 kg)
  • Floor: Aluminum
  • No. of Air Chamber: 3 + Keel
  • Max. Passenger: 3
  • Max. Payload: 705 lbs (320kg)
  • Outboard Engine: 4.5KW/GHP


Sail Specs Details:

  • Mast Length: 136" (345cm);

       Aluminum material, 4 pieces

  • Boom Length: 78" (200cm)

       Aluminum and fiberglass, 2 pieces

  • Sail Area: 41ft2 (3.80m2)

       Sail including 3 battens


Sail Kit Accessories:

Mast step holder, blocks and line, sail kit bag

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