Aqua Marina BlueDrive Power Fin

Brand:  Aqua Marina
Product Code:  PF-240
Availability:  In Stock

Speed: 2.5-3.1mph (4-5km/h). Four levels of speed: F1/F2/F3 and Reverse.

Motor Power: 12V DC, 240W

Lithium Battery Package: LG Lithium-ion cells, 10.8V DC, 31.2Ah

Control Case: Molded waterproof control box with LG Lithium-ion battery package inside. Fire resistant material. Bungee cords attachment. Features emergency-stop switch and ON/OFF switch.

Charger: 12.6V DC, 5.0A, 230V/50Hz. Fully charges Litihium-ion battery package in up to 6 hours.

Runtime: 2 hours on cruising speed, 4 hour maximum

Wireless Remote: 6 button remote control with waterproof armband holder



Contains: Safety coil leash and safety ring, universal attachment bungee kit, remote control with armband.



Compatible with all Aqua Marina SUPs and all kayaks with slide-in center fin system.



BlueDrive Power Fin, is a low maintenance fin, with a TVD certified fin design with finger guard protection. Made of marine grade nylon and fiberglass material to ensure impact resistant. With an emergency stop leash, that will ensure that when the user falls into the water, the emergency leash immediately pulls the shut down button and stops the operation.

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