Giant Games Limbo

Brand:  Big Game Hunters
Product Code:  CE508
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Limbo has been a popular game for hundreds of years, livening up parties and providing relentless entertainment on a global scale.

Music! Sun! Party! Limbo! What\'s not to love?!

The objective of Limbo is to lower yourself under the beam (without touching it!), which is lowered each rounis lowered each round, until your opponent(s) has failed to do so.

Our Limbo contains two 5' 6" wooden upright poles, coloured pegs, a 5' 6" cross pole and two sets of feet to maintain the upright poles.

Carnivals, Family Fun Days, Corporate events, Picnics or just to limber up.

And don\'t forget the Music!

Includes: Two 5' 6" wooden upright poles, coloured pegs, a 5' 6" cross pole & two sets of feet to maintain the upright poles

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